Meditation is a practice of softening the active energy of your mind through a steady, anchored focus.  It allows you to acknowledge and connect with the inherent stillness and ease that rests deep within you.  A consistent practice creates the space for you to come to know and love yourself more fully and to step into the nourishing experience of resting in present moment awareness.  Each time you sit, you invite your entire mind and body into the healing power of dissolving tension and witnessing your true nature.


Meditation to Choose Your Energy Today

Enjoy this free guided meditation

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Meditation to Embody Intention

a free guided meditation for you!

*original musical soundtrack by MRC

Guided Meditations by Kate with Yoga Wake Up

  1. Awaken to Clear Seeing

  2. Mantra to Reset and Soften

  3. Dissolve Doubt and Land in Your Light

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Meditation to Soften into Ease

a free guided meditation for you!